Feltech manufactures acoustic and insulation products that are certified safe and environmentally friendly, with correct installation and usage, whilst providing clean indoor air quality. It’s experience and expertise in acoustic insulation technologies, with team of experienced creative designers can together provide a complete service for you. From the design process, technical advice, and installation. Feltech has modern state-of-the-art equipment, including the latest digital printer producing any image or design directly onto our acoustic products, to enhance the excellent high quality surface finishes. This can create a unique environment for your home or workspace project.

Images and your designs can be printed directly onto one or several acoupanels to make your unique project statement, without detriment to the noise reduction values.


The core founding environmental vision of Feltech continues with closed loop R4 practice. Reduce, landfill usage, non biodegradable compounds that are harmful. Reuse, waste in manufacturing processes, instead of discharging or disposal. Recycle, to another product and replace new raw materials. Recover, energy from materials and sources.

To Learn more about Feltech’s sustainability : https://www.feltech.co.th/en/sustainability

LEED Certified

Feltech’s acoustic sound and thermal insulation products use up to 85% recycled content. This surpasses the USGBC LEED MR credit 4.1 & 4.2 recycled content targets. With this high recycled content using Feltech acoustic and thermal insulation products, you are helping to contribute to the clean environment. If you are users of Feltech tile, then you may earn LEED environmental points for your projects.