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Top of the range Furniture Systems and Ergonomic Chairs - often adjudged best in the world.

Product line includes:
  • Workstation, Meeting, Cafe, Executive & Lounge Chairs.
  • Classical seating including Eames products.
  • Height adjustable workstations.
  • Benching workstation systems.
  • Partition based workstation systems
  • Compactors
  • Storage units including digital locking option.
The furniture features an ergonomic design, distinctive looks, and is designed for long-term durability. Systems are designed as simple, stylish solutions designed to maximize productivity, minimize change and support technology.


An alliance partner of Herman Miller
Product line includes:
  • Workstations and seating furniture
  • Filing and storage units
  • Panels
  • Sofa sets
For More Information: www.hermanmiller.com
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